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How to Look After Your Skin During Autumn

During the autumn and winter months our skins really do have to protect us against the harsh weather and temperature changes! 


We go from artificial heat inside to cold blustery winds outside. We’re wrapped up in thermals, thick tights, hats, scarfs, gloves. Layers upon layers of clothes on top of our skin. So how do we keep our skin fresh, clean and hydrated? I’ll tell you all below! 

Plan of action

First of all you want to invest in lots of hydrating and moisturising products. Everything from your shower gel to your body lotions. 

I particularly love moisturising shower mousse. It’s so soft, it feels like heaven on your skin and it’s super nourishing and protecting! You can use the shower mousses every day that you shower! 


Once than you step out of the shower you should lather yourself in a good quality body lotion. If you’re particularly dry on your legs, arms or feet, then you can use something thicker like a body butter to hell really larger your skin in moisture. 

If you’re more a bath kinda gal then you can get moisturising oil drops that you can slip into your bath that helps to keep your skin in tip top condition too! It feels incredibly luxurious too! Such a treat! 


During the winter months too our skin can get especially thirsty! So you need to ensure you’re drinking plenty of water! 2-3 litres a day is ideal. It sounds like a lot, but since my body coach days I’ve realised it’s actually a doddle to drink a few litres a day! It’s amazing the effects on your skin it will have to! My skin is always glowing and clear now! (Except for when Mother Nature visits of course! But I’m only human 😂) Keeping your skin well moisturised and lubricated is very important! It will stop you getting any dry patches of skin that can turn flaky and even sore!

It can even feel a treat taking time to pamper and preen yourself during the autumn too! Then all you have to do is pop on some comfy fleecy pyjamas and that’s you! ♥️ 

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The November Escape

The November Escape