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30 random facts about me


I am absolutely addicted to chocolate! Not like a little bit. Like full on addict! I can't live a day without eating chocolate 🍫

I am obsessed with hot air balloons! No idea why either! But every time I see one I get really excited!! Maybe I owned one in a past life??

It was because of my obsession with hot air balloons, that I fell off a wall trying to get a better look when I was 3, which resulted in me cutting my chin open and now I've got a big scar!

I absolutely adore listening to music. It's my favourite thing to  do to chill out. My fave ever kind of music is acoustic versions of songs! There's just something about songs being completely stripped back, sounding raw, honest and real.

My fave acoustic versions of songs are: Nelly Furtado Try, Stereophonics You're my star, Sia Elastic heart. Stereophonics I wanna get lost with you.

I got bitten by a dog when I was 6, right on my side! Which is another great big scar I've got! I was petrified of dogs for years after that.

Children by Robert Miles is one of my best childhood memories as my mum used to chuck us both in the bath then we would go into her bedroom and dance crazily to this song to get ourselves dry. Tons of happy memories surround this song for me.

When I was really young my mum told my brother Adam and I that we could get a puppy. We went to a dog shelter to see the pups. They brought out this dog to us but it wasn't a puppy. She looked so sad and like she needed loved. Mum said she would need to decide what to do. That night my brother and I told my mum that we had to take the dog and we weren't bothered about a puppy anymore. We took her home and called her Colby! She was our family dog for the next 12 years!


I am the youngest child out of 8! My mum and dad had 4 boys and 4 girls together!

I have the scruffiest old pair of socks ever but they are my comfort socks that I wear when I'm really tired and need to chill. They have holes and everything!

I have a hairdryer that is nearly dying on me but I keep fixing it rather than throwing it out. It was the last thing that my mum bought me for for Christmas before she died. I can't bear to let it go yet. Not sure I'll ever be ready really.

I didn't own a passport until I was 21!! I had my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend paul in 2012 to Turkey!

I've discovered that I absolutely love airports and flying! If I can sit next to the window I just love to sit and look at the view the whole time! Love love love it!

People think I'm utterly bonkers, but I would love to have twins when I start a family! Twin boys would be perfect! I have lots of plans for me and my boys

I always wanted to be a beauty therapist and to own my own salon from the age of 11! I used to tell everyone that one day I would do it. My friends from back then remind me of it all the time.

On my day off on a Wednesday I love getting up and watching This Morning! I love that programme so much!

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years this year! And I still love him as much as I did right in the beginning.


I'd love to go Las Vegas, New York and Mexico on a huge honeymoon when I get married- better get saving hey?

I've always majorly struggled being 'proud' of myself in my life. I'm very hard on myself and always pushing myself further before I actually praise myself. But this year Im working on changing that.

I'm a very stubborn but very loyal person. I will always stand by what I believe in even if I have to stand alone and once I find 'my people' they are my people forever.

I love being by myself in my own company. I hate big crowds and lots of people. I love my own company very much.

I love reading and learning new skills. Anything that challenges my brain I really like! That's why I love being a business owner. Because I'm constantly learning, even if at the time I don't like the lesson I'm learning. I always end up appreciating the lesson in the end.

I'm a very positive person. I very rarely get down or negative. I'm usually always a bundle of joy!

I'm a very strong headed person. Whenever I get an idea in my head or decide I want to do something, I go for it full force.

I never realised how strong I could be until I lost my mum when I was 20. I couldn't imagine life without her until that day. But when I lost her, all I knew was that I had to survive and keep going.

I'm constantly attached to my hot water bottle. I love snuggling up to my hot water bottle and my blanky (blanket) on a night time!

I'm constantly rubbing the back of my ring finger to make sure I can feel my engagement ring! I'm not a very big jewellery wearer so I'm constantly worried that I'll lose my ring and not notice!!!

I'm always singing. I'm not a very good singer at all but it doesn't stop it

I'm not very good with giving directions! I much prefer to just pretend I'm not from the area or I'll maybe talk in a different language to avoid giving directions! I could send people to Timbuktu with my directions!

I used to be a TERRIBLE cook! Like shocking! But over the last couple of years I've managed to turn into quite a good cook that now I make tea every night for me and paul! I'm quite adventurous!