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How to get the best fake tan application

The better weather season is approaching! Yayyy! This means our legs can finally be free from layers of thermals and leggings and whatever else we’ve been covering up with to survive! Let alone that weddings, bbqs, Beltane, games week, holidays are all coming too!

What’s the one thing most of us have in common during the summer? Apart from frantically searching the cupboards for razors and pinching our better half’s shaving foam!? 


Having a tan makes us feel toned, sexy, out makeup applies better, we actually wear less makeup too! Life is good when you’re tanned! Right? Hell yes! 


But it’s been like 12 months since we’ve last tanned and we’ve lost all recollection on how to actually tan properly, in a way that doesn’t leave us looking like a half peeled satsuma!


So whether you’re doing a home DIY tan or you’re popping into a salon for a tan... here’s the lowdown on what you need to do to make sure you get the best application possible so you can show it off.... and NOT reaching for the thermals again because you look like you’ve been rolling around in a bag full of wotsits!


My top 10 tips for a perfect tan!

1: Make sure your tan is actually in date first! If it’s been a while since you last tanned, you need to make sure your tan is still of good quality! When tan goes off it can go all weird textures and colours! Possibly even dark green.... is shrek coming out in the cinema again?!

2: You want to remove ALL unwanted hair! This is really important! Removing hair after your tan will strip the colour and could leave you looking like a slice of streaky bacon! Not good!


3: Make sure your skin is well moisturised for at least a week leading up to tanning! Any dry areas will make the tan stick to those areas which doesn’t look attractive! Knees, elbows and ankles are particularly drier areas! Moisturise every day AFTER your tan is applied too so it lasts really well!


4: Start exfoliating your skin about 3 days before you plan to tan too! Exfoliating your skin helps slough away all that dead skin! If you do this it will make sure application is even with no streaks and it will make your tan last longer!


5: Whether you’re going to a salon or doing your tan at home make sure you wear loose dark clothing! Anything old is good! Wear old underwear too. You’re best to leave off your bra if you can to prevent strap marks!


6: After you’ve applied your tan make sure you don’t get yourself wet! So no exercising, be careful when washing your hands and brushing your teeth. Getting splashes on yourself before the tan has developed will result in an uneven blotchy tan!


7: For dark tans you want to leave it on for a good 6-8 hours to ensure it’s fully developed!


8: If you’re sleeping with your tan on developing over night, make sure you have dark old bed sheets on or pop on a dark towel on the bed! A lot of my clients actually have onesies that they pop on for after tanning! Genius!


9: Try to wear loose open toed shoes or leave them off for as long as possible! Boots and shoes can rub!


10: Start exfoliating your tan off after 3/4 days. This wont remove the tan completely, but it will help to allow the tan to come away evenly! This is to prevent that streaky old tan kinda look!


If you’re tanning at home and are looking for inspiration, I’ve tried HUNDREDS of different self tans with all different price tags. But my all time favourite has to be the St Tropez build up gradual tan! It’s around £15 for 200ml. I love it because it dries really fast, it’s tinted so you can see where you’ve applied, it’s really thick (which put me off at first) but actually it is lovely as it doesn’t leave you feeling damp and greasy! Oh and it NEVER streaks!


If you’re looking for a professional spray tan, our tans are VERY popular! We use a brand which base colour of the tan is olive green. Sounds horrendous, but it’s actually the green under tones within a tan that prove that the colour when developed will be most natural and real looking! We can guarantee you will NEVER receive an orange/streaky tan from us!

Would you like to book one of our spray tans? Great no problem! Just click here and you can book in effortlessly online!


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this wee informative blog! Share with your tan loving friends!! :)