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Lord and Berry matte crayon lipsticks

So I'm not your typical beauty therapist I'm afraid to say, I'm not someone who reapplys my makeup 5 times a day and tops up their lipstick constantly! No... it's just not me. 

That's why I invested in a long lasting makeup brand in the salon. To suit people like me, who want to look good all day without having to keep topping up their face all day.  

About 8 months ago I signed up to Birchbox, if you're not aware of birchbox it's a monthly beauty subscription box. It comes once a month and it's a wee box full of little treats. The whole purpose is that you try products that you wouldn't normally buy.. it's actually pretty cool.   

(Click the lord and berry link below to take a look at some of the colours available and to purchase)  

My fave colour!  

My fave colour!  

So in one of my boxes one day I got a lord and berry matte crayon lipstick. I was a bit dubious at first with it being matte! However it's a beautiful rose colour the one I received! When I applied it, I was VERY pleasantly surprised!! It was super easy to apply and it lasted FOR HOURS!!!! It was fab! It gave me a gorgeous look that I'd never had from lipstick before! It didn't smudge! There wasn't much transfer of colour on cups etc. It was fab! 

The only downside is because they are chunky crayons, you need one of those jumbo sharpeners for it! But other than that... majorly impressed! I adore my lord and berry matte crayon!  

If you're not one for matte, then you can pop over a gloss if you like. However I really like the matte look! It's classy, long lasting and looks really fresh! It doesn't dry out the lips either! In fact I'm sure mine felt much more nourished after using the lipstick!!   



Me wearing my matte crayon lipstick. Very natural but gives a stunning, classy look!  


The lord and berry matte crayons aren't expensive at all either and literally it will last AGES! I love it!  

If you want to have a look at the link at the top of the page, you will see a selection of colours on Amazon! ❤️

The best lipstick I've ever used! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I think you will too! Especially if you're someone like me, who loves the easy life but still wants to look and feel good! 

Enjoy! X