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How to get rid of blackheads!

If your blackheads make you do this.......... then carry on reading!!! This is for you! 


If you've not scrubbed your T-Zone red raw with all sorts of weird and wonderful creations that your friends have told you about over the years, are you actually even a woman?


Of course we've all done it!

There's nothing worse than waking up the next morning after going to bed looking fresh and pretty, to waking up with a spot or blackhead right in between your for-eyes! Morning Cyclops your annoying little child will shout over to you whilst your eating your jam and toast, whilst thinking "Fuck sakes I'm in my 30s now! I should be over this"

So why exactly do we get black heads?

Well be rest assured, there's nothing disgusting or unsanitary about you! It's just that there's been an increased amount of sebum production in your skin. Which basically means you've produced too much oil in your skin that has blocked the hair follicles. These can be closed blocked follicles which will look like whiteheads, or they can be open blocked follicles which are blackheads. A blackhead only turns black because the follicle is open so the air and bacteria can get to it so turns the very tip of the sebum black. Resulting in a blackhead. Pretty cool right?

How to get rid of blackheads

Well you should be regularly cleansing your skin everyday with products designed for your skin type. Always cleanse tone and moisturise! I love coconut oil for my moisturiser! It's fresh, delicate and really sinks in to my skin well. And it's cheap... and lasts ages too!

Recently though there has been a new charcoal mask that's been all the rage recently! This is a FANTASTIC addition to have to your skincare bag! Charcoal is fab for the skin as it helps to lift away any dirt, grime and debris from the skin. It leaves skin feeling super soft and nourished and actually helps to keep the skin at its best!


These face masks can either be applied over the T-Zone if that's your worst area for blackheads, or you can apply all over the face!

Now we've all seen those videos too where people have gone to take their masks off and they've stuck and it's been agony to remove. This is literally only because it's been left on too long or they have very dry skin that it's stuck to the dry areas!

You can prevent this from happening to you by placing a VERY light layer of oil over your face or T-Zone first. This just creates more slip and glide on the face so that the mask can be easily removed when it's ready! Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then simply peel away!


Do this once a week if you can! This will ensure you stay on top of those blackheads!

You can get your own charcoal mask here on Amazon right now! I've had a little trawl online to see which I think is the best and this one is a best seller too! So the best of the best!!! ❤️✌🏻


Check out this chicks skin! 🙊