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Should I try an intimate wax?

Should I try intimate waxing?

Intimate waxing is an amazing treatment! It’s done within the hour, it lasts for 4-6 weeks and you can get as much or as little hair removed as you like!

The misconception  

There’s a misconception that intimate waxing is embarrassing, all dignity goes out the window and I’ll get you on all fours to get to the really intimate bits!

Lets banish that misconception! 

It’s honestly not true! When I was doing the training I actually made sure I found a trainer that could teach me ways to do intimate waxes without comprising your dignity and self respect!

It’s more hygienic to have the hair removed, keeping everything more fresh down there!

its not like any other wax out there!  

When doing intimate waxing a hot wax is used which is a stripless wax that adheres to the hair only and not the skin! This eliminates tugging, pulling and bruising of the skin.

Shaving the intimate area can leave you feeling red, sore and very itchy when the hair starts to regrow.

Intimate wax is designed for that area so is strong and easier to apply which then makes it easier to remove.

How much can you get taken off... 

Some ladies like everything off, some like a high bikini line and others like just a wee patch of hair to be left!


Whatever you would like, we can do! There’s no need to feel nervous or embarrassed. If you’re interested in trying an intimate wax just get in touch with us.