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Strong Mind. Strong Body


Strong mind. Confident body.

This year I really have ‘found myself’ as cliche and cheesy as that sounds. Ive realised that I actually really don’t like myself, I fucking love myself. It’s only taken nearly 29 years to get there.. 🙄😏

I love everything I’ve turned into. Everything I’ve overcome. Everything I’ve become. I love every single thing about being me. I’ve discovered I’m an incredibly head strong person when I truly set my mind to something. What a quality to have.

As most of you know this year I’ve lost nearly a stone in weight due to doing the body coach plan at the start of the year. To this day it’s literally still the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental health and my well being.



I’ve learned to love all the things I like about my body and accept everything I’m not too in love with. Because I’ve also discovered that even those stunning Victoria Secrets models will get insecure about their bodies too and to me, they’re perfect.

I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for everything that we really are, what we bring to the table. Let’s stop being defined by a number on the scales or the number written on a label inside our clothing! We don’t walk around with a tab above our head that tells people what bra size, shoe size, clothing size and weight we are!

Numbers don’t define you  

Numbers define our lives. Don’t let them. Our bank account tells us our ‘class’ because of how much we earn! When really it should teach us and remind us that we go out to work hard, that we budget, we create a life for ourselves, building a home and nurturing ourselves and our loved ones every single day.


The food you eat doesn’t define you either! If your heart bursts with happiness when you eat a full pack of cookies. Eat the fucking cookies. Life’s too short for depriving yourself and beating yourself up over every calorie! Move more and balance the cookies out by making a healthier meal choice! It’s really that simple! Believe me, it’s taken me a long time to understand and accept (there’s that word again) that meticulously calorie counting isn’t necessary! Numbers don’t define you remember! 

Do your neighbours and strangers in the street know exactly what you earn? Do they know how many calories you aim for every day? They certainly don’t know your exact weight either. Talk about perspectives right there. Stop being bothered by what other people think. Stop being influenced by numbers. Aim for a strong body and an even stronger mind. They’re yours for the whole duration of your life! Nurture them. Look after them.

Strong mind. Strong body.  

Exercise is undeniably the best thing to help strengthen your mental health. I’ve had to force myself to go to the gym on several occasions, but I’ve never once regretted a workout after it’s been done. Whether you’re angry, tired, upset, depressed, exercise is always the cure.

Since my body coach days ended in July, I’ve put on a couple of inches here and there and 2lbs (the last time I weighed myself) which I’m pretty chuffed about to be honest!

The release  

It taught me that i can release myself from the shackles that would tear me apart inside every day. Looking at myself in the mirror and hating my skin tone, my blemishes, my imperfections, hating that as I’ve got older my breasts don’t settle where they once did 10 years ago. Hating that I don’t have a perfectly flat tummy like all those girls on Instagram. That I sometimes forget to shave my legs every other day, (ok weeks on end) that my hair isn’t always perfect. My makeup sometimes isn’t done.

This year I’ve had to turn the other side of the coin and look at my reflection in the mirror for once and point out all the good things about myself and stop the negative thoughts in their tracks.

The gloves  

It’s hard to do, you’ve got to get your boxing gloves on to do it. But you’ll win every single time, because you’re the only person who controls your mind and your thoughts! It’s the only battle you’ll never lose once you get going. So get the gloves on. There’s 12 rounds and you’re winning every single one.


I stood in front of my mirror and reminded myself of all the things I love about myself, that are coming from within and not just those based on my looks and appearance.

I reminded myself that I’m the 18 year old girl who worked 2 jobs and went to college on a weekend, just so I could look after my dying mum as best I could. I still have fights with myself over my level of care to her too, which is something else I’m working on to overcome and win.

I remind myself I’m the girl who had a dream from when I was 11 to be a beauty therapist and have my own business one day.

I remind myself that I’m the girl who couldn’t cook and could literally burn water 4 years ago, but I’ve been persistent and tried my hardest to learn to cook and try new things and not be too hard on myself if it didn’t work out. I’m now the cook of the house! It’s actually now my escape, my clarity at the end of every day.

I remind myself that in the midst of feeling unmotivated and powerless sometimes at work, I still get up and show up and work my arse off every day to help me reach my goals. Sometimes I stagnate, but stagnating is better than turning back.

I remind myself that these big hips I have (that I used to hate) are there to help deliver my beautiful babies into this world when the time is right and granted to me.

I remind myself that these breasts of mine that I dislike so much are going to (hopefully) feed and nurture my baby and help them grow up to be big and strong so they too, can put on their boxing gloves to fight their own demons away some day.

I remind myself that I am strong mentally and physically because I train my body and my mind to do things that I once couldn’t do.

I remind myself that I’m a girl with a huge heart who loves with every ounce of my being without question.

I remind myself as I pinch my thighs, my love handles and my tummy that no matter what weight I got to, or if my imperfections were gone, that I’d still find something that I didn’t like about myself, I’ll never be perfect. Because there actually is no such thing as ‘perfect.’ So the weight of carrying a burden in the search for perfect can finally be dropped. I am now released.

All that you are. 

It’s normal to dislike things about your body, but you have to switch your mindset. Rather than saying “I hate my tummy” look and say “it’s not my favourite part of my body, but I accept it” then remind yourself of what you do like about yourself. Replace the negative with a positive. Always. It’s crucial for setting yourself free.

Image from Unsplash     

Image from Unsplash  


Don’t put your star shaped self into a square box. Embrace all that you are, accept everything you’ve become. There’s more to you and I that meets the eye. You bring more to the table than your jean size.

Build your foundation.

If you do one thing today. Aim to build yourself a strong mind, because once you have a strong mind you can conquer anything. You get one mind for the duration of your life. So feed it with only good thoughts and lots of positivity. It’s yours until the second you leave this earth. Create a strong foundation for it to carry you through.



Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it, always work with it and not against it. This will miraculously transform your whole life. Eckhart Tolle.