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How to get glowing skin

How to get healthy glowing skin

We all want skin that glows. But like beautifully glows. Not the sweaty or oily kinda glow. Some people have the healthy and glowy look on point all the time, others not so much. And do you know what? Everyone started off in the same place.. totally uneducated and shoving anything and everything on their skin. Weve all done it. In these very simple and easy steps though i can have your skin glowing in no time! 


So first thing is first, when did you last exfoliate your face? If you cant remember, thats a baaaad sign lady! Did you know for optimum glowy and clear skin, you need to exfoliate your skin atleast twice a week! If twice a week puts the fear of god into you because you've got small kids who dont even let you pee in peace, so having 1 minute to exfoliate your face is out the question.  Then aim to just do it once a week. 5 minutes nice a week is all it takes.. I do my facial exfoliation in the shower! Super easy and quick! 

Maybe you aren't even sure why you need to exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin and body is HIGHLY recommended. Its because the top layer of your skin dies and sheds away from your body, leaving beautiful, healthy and new skin underneath. You can help your skin to constantly regenerate and be stimulated to promote blood flow to the surface of the skin by exfoliating your skin. The blood flow to the surface of the skin means old, dull skin is removed and the nutrients from the blood flow, gives the new and healthy skin underneath a little boost! 

Dont grab that peach kernel exfoliator though... i said NO!!! 

When you are exfoliating your face, please dont use a body exfoliator! IT IS NOT THE SAME! Body exfoliators generally are more coarse and grainier than facial exfoliators! This is because the skin on the body is thicker and is always hidden under clothes that the dead skin builds up more in these areas, so can take a harsher abrasive to get all that dead skin sloughed off! Whereas the skin on the face is thinner and more delicate that harsh abrasives can scratch and irritate that beautiful skin. Totally counteracting what we are actually wanting to achieve. 


Ok now heres the fun and completely honest part! I DO NOT use expensive products in my ´glowy´skincare regime and im not going to make out i do either, as its just immoral and wrong! You do not need to be using 50 or 60 pounds worth of products! Not necessary. 

For my exfoliator its actually homemade! Homemade and i LOVE it!! I literally just get a tablespoon of coconut oil, whiz it in the microwave to melt it slightly, then i add a couple of teaspoons of fine brown sugar granules. Mix it together so the sugar starts to dissolve a little, so it isnt so grainy and then i drop in one or two drops of tea tree oil. This smells absolutely beautiful! The coconut oil is super nourishing for the skin, the sugar helps to lift away the dead skin cells and the tea tree is antiseptic so lifts away any dirt and infections that might be breeding in the pores and about to turn into a spot! It also smells divine and is super uplifting. 


Once ive exfoliated i then pat dry my face and get another wee drop of the coconut oil and rub in between to my palms to melt it. Then I moisturise it into my face and neck, my skin is always left feeling well nourished and super clean. Ive seen a MASSIVE difference in my skin recently by using coconut oil in my regime and whats better its SO FREAKING cheap!! A tiny bit of coconut oil goes such a long way. 

I use coconut oil every morning, after i get out of the shower on an evening and before i go to bed at night and i exfoliate twice a week! I use Lily Lolo BB cream that i retail in the salon for my ´tinted moistoriser`every single day, this stuff is like liquid gold. Its beautiful and light weight, lasts all day and covers any imbalances in my skin. I always lightly highlight the areas of my face that the sun will hit too. 

These simple steps are literally my skincare regime. I dont spend heaps of money or time and i love hardly wearing any makeup because my skin is generally always flawless... but even i still get the odd pimple! After all were only human. But by making sure you are regularly exfoliating, you will most definitely find that your skin suffers A LOT less than before! 

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