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What it was like to win my awards

Ok so last month I won two major awards in my business. I wanted to talk to you today about how it felt when I won those awards, what I did to celebrate etc.

You know me by now that I'm really honest and I write from my heart. So there won't be any change in this blog.

So when I sat down in my living room after having an early tea and doing various jobs around the house all day to keep myself busy. I sat down and logged onto The British Hair & Beauty Awards live streaming. The winners were announced online, which was perfect for me! Don't get me wrong I love a pretty dress and a nice fancy meal, but I also love being at home surrounded by the people who I love and who love me.

My boyfriend Paul was working away at the time so it was just me waiting patiently to see how I'd done.

I was nominated to win beauty salon of the year and beauty therapist of the year. Huge major awards for my career and business.

I think I was a little late to the party because just as the video started playing, my friend who owns a beauty salon in Warrington messaged me to say "wow amazing congratulations!!! Well done Nicola"

So I thought oh ok, I must have placed somewhere in the awards then, as you could be awarded bronze (3rd) silver (2nd) or gold (1st) I wasn't expecting to then see my name and the salon name flash up and it say GOLD WINNER though!


In that split second I had a wave of different emotions. I was ecstatically happy and I wanted to message Paul straight away, I was overcome with so much pride for myself, but I also had a heavy feeling in my heart that my mum should be there to live in the moment with me. It was a very overwhelming mix of emotions.

I will be honest that when the second award was announced and I was given the gold award for that one too.... it all felt a blur. It was like time slowed right down so I could compose my thoughts.

I burst out crying, I cried so so hard. Happy tears of course, but more than anything it was a huge feeling of relief and accomplishment.

In that moment I thought about all the hard days of being in business, all the good days and I even thought of the day's way before I was a salon owner.

I thought about every time I applied for beauty jobs and got rejected because I had no experience at the start of my career.

I thought about how for months upon months when I was working full time, studying at college and spending every spare hour I could at the hospital to visit my mum and how exhausted I was. But I didn't give up.

I thought about the time when my college tutor had to phone me to tell me to get my shit together and get in to college when I was struggling to cope with all that was happening, she told me to finish my course because she knew I would go far one day. Her belief in me meant the world and more.

It all had given me the fight and determination to get me to where I am today.

Awards don't mean anything to some people. But to me it means the world. My two awards are recognition of the hard work and dedication that I had when my life was dark and frightening.

My awards are recognition that just because you live in a small town and come from a family who really didn't have much, that with hard work and a head strong personality, you really can achieve anything you want.

My career is taking such an incredible turn with my teaching and building up my academy. But I'll know from now on that no matter which direction my life and career continues to take, I'll always remember the night I was recognised for all that I was, all who I am and all that I will be. 🥇



I'm so grateful to every single client who has left a review, visits the salon, gives me constructive criticism so I can improve and achieve better things. Always with you in mind.  It makes it all so much more worth while and I love it! I love every failure and every success because it just makes the journey so much sweeter! ❤️

Nic x