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How often should I clean my makeup brushes

First of all. Well done you for being a little clean freak! I like that. You've impressed me. ☺️  Believe me, the amount of utterly horrified faces I've witnessed when I've been asked this question. 😳😳😳 "I never clean my brushes. Like. Ever" YEP. I hear those words all the time. 

You need to wash your brushes at least once a month  

If its just you who uses your brushes, then once a month is sufficient for keeping your brushes in safe working order. I know it makes it sound like an electrical appliance saying that and that you should be getting it booked in for a PAT test. But seriously... you HAVE to clean your brushes. 

Why cleaning your makeup  brushes is important 

Now this is gross. Sorry. But you need to clean your brushes because those cute fluffy gorgeous things actually aren't all that gorgeous, or cute, or fluffy.... well they are fluffy. But is that your dead skin that feels fluffy!? 😬😷 

You got it! Your makeup brushes harbour bacteria and dead skin cells that have collected and become trapped in the bristles of your brush. This bacteria and dead skin, if allowed to gather up and accumulate can cause you to get severe break outs, cause sensitivity and generally make your skin miserable! 🤕

If youve got an amazing skincare routine and you use lovely high quality makeup, but you never clean your brushes. It's basically the same as going outside and playing in mud before applying your makeup with dirty fingers. You wouldn't do it. So don't let your makeup brushes become dirty either. ☠️☠️☠️

How can you clean your brushes 

Theres products out there ranging from a few pounds right up to tens, twenties and more. Do you want to know what is just as perfect though and doesn't hurt your purse? Of course you do. Baby shampoo! It's gentle which is perfect for brush hairs. Baby shampoo won't dry out the bristles or make them lose shape and texture. 👼🏻

Just pop a little drop in some luke warm water, dip your brushes into the bowl/sink/wherever you like and gently rub the brush against the palm of your hand in circular motions. You will start to see all the powders/products from the brush starting to bleed into the water. Once the brush starts to run clear. 💧

Gently squeeze the excess water from the brush and leave to dry on a clean towel. If you have any kabuki brushes, make sure you pop those brushes on their side, this is so the water can drain away from the base and not settle there. Otherwise the water can break down the glue which will cause the bristles to fall out! Not good!!!! 

Repeat those steps once a month for perfect brushes, perfect makeup and perfect skin! 🔥❤️️✌🏻️ 

Are you a sponge, brush or fingers kind of gal when it comes to applying makeup? Let me know below! 

Nic x