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How to Wave Goodbye to Blackheads

Blackheads are often misunderstood and none of us ever want them! Right?

You have dirty skin if you get blackheads right? Nope... WRONG! 

There is a myth surrounding blackheads, that it means you have dirty skin if you are a regular sufferer! This is absolutely not the case! Even the people with impeccable skin care routines still find themselves faced with blackheads!

What is a blackhead?

A blackhead is a blocked pore with dead skin cells and an oily substance (professionally known as sebum) this blocked pore then oxidises because it's visible on the surface of the skin and this is what turns it into an unattractive black head!

Don't pick what ever you do! 

As tempting as it is you should never squeeze a blackhead with your fingers! It can cause trauma on the surface of the skin, which can damage and break the skin opening it up to more infections and bacteria... this will guarantee you will get more spots!

blueberries, nuts and vegetables like spinach and sweet potato are high in salicylic acid

blueberries, nuts and vegetables like spinach and sweet potato are high in salicylic acid

Which products to look out for

To keep your skin clear of blackheads you should look for products that contain salicylic acid. This amazing ingredient can penetrate right down into the pores, breaking down any dirt and congestion that is building up which could lead to a spot and blackhead forming! Salicylic acid will vastly improve the overall appearance of the skin helping you to look more radiant and clear!

Here's what you can do to prevent a breakout in the future 

Ensure you are exfoliating twice a week to keep on top of all that dead skin and if you feel you need a deeper more concentrated exfoliation, then get in touch and I can have a chat with you about microdermabrasion! This treatment will guarantee to perk up your skin and remove all impurities from the skin as well as evening out the skin tone, brightening dull skin, removing pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and can even help fight acne and acne scarring!

microdermabrasion treatment  

microdermabrasion treatment  

You should also make sure you are removing all traces of makeup every night and using a cleanser to break down all the microscopic traces of makeup that you can't see. A cleanser really helps to let your skin breath as it lifts up all the dirt and grime that has collected on your ur skin during the day! 

Try a deep cleansing clay mask for your skin too, pop it on for 15 minutes twice a week to really cleanse and invigorate your skin. The clay helps to attract all the dirt from within the pores and helps to freshen up the skin. 

Drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your body everyday and eat a balanced diet and that will help with the feral appearance of the skin.  

drink plenty of water to flush out toxins  

drink plenty of water to flush out toxins  

Blackheads are a normal part of life though. Every one gets them. It doesn't mean you're dirty, it just means you are human! But if they do become a problem, you really don't have to suffer with them. Feel free to get in touch if your skin is causing you concern. 

Nic x