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How to look after your Manicure

So you've gone and got yourself some sassy gorgeous nails! Good for you. Did you know that CND Shellac is AMAZING for your nails! It absolutely does NOT ruin them, like some claims suggest. The only way it will ruin your nails is if you pick it off! Picking off your gel polish is baaaad for your nails as it lifts away the top layer of your nails causing awful white flaky patches. Damages to your nails can take up to 8 months to grow out and repair. 

How long should your Manicure last?  

Your Manicure (if it's a gel polish) should last at least 2-3 weeks. That's amazing value for money. Zero chips, zero smudges, mirror shine and long lasting colour. What more could you want?  

What you can expect from a CND Shellac Manicure?  

Your nails will be filed into the desired shape, then your nails will be prepped and prepared ready for the Shellac colour to be applied, this part of the process is crucial as this is what determines how long the Manicure will last. If you get a deluxe Manicure you might get a beautiful exfoliaton to brighten the hands, possibly a mask too which will nourish and hydrate your hands leaving them super soft and if you are really lucky, you might get a gorgeous hand and arm massage too. Hand massages are seriously underrated! They are amazing! 

How you can look after your nails  

  • Do NOT use your nails as tools. You are not a tool box. So if cans need opened, get someone else to do it. If presents need wrapped, don't use sellotape. Try not to pick and poke things. This can all cause chipping at the free edge. 
  • Make sure you wear gloves whenever you are doing house work, washing dishes or doing gardening. Any contact with cleaning substances can be harsh on the nails and can cause them to be brittle, dry and then chip. 
  • When going on holiday abroad, be aware that constant use of spf creams and the UV rays from the sun can lighten the colour of your shellac slightly. 
  • To prolong the longevity of your nails make sure you purchase some cuticle oil to massage into the nails and cuticles to keep the nails moisturised and flexible. You should do this twice a day. Pop the oil by your bed so you put the oil on in the morning and then at night time.  

How you can jazz your nai ls up

You could get a colour, a classy French Manicure, you could get gems added to your nails or you could get some nail art foils applied to really make your nails pop and unique! There's nothing you can't get done when it comes to Shellac! Be as daring as you wish.  

How much will a shellac manicure cost?  

When it's a genuine CND Shellac salon, the application will cost anywhere from £20-25. Any less than £20 (unless on a very special offer) then it might not be genuine CND Shellac being used. This is due to the cost that each shellac manicure costs to carry out. If salons are charging too cheap, it can be assumed that corners must be getting cut. It is recommended by the creators of CND Shellac to charge no less than £20.  



CND Shellac with holographic dust