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Why do we get Spots On Our Face and What do They Mean?

Getting spots on your face is actually a really big help in understanding your body! So take notice of it more often! 

Spots aren’t the prettiest things to have! Especially on the face, but the face is the doorway to knowing what is going on inside you! 

If you get spots in these areas, this is what they’re trying to tell you. 




This means there’s a hormonal issue going on! Possibly it’s period related! Your hormones reek havoc and the one place that hormonal changes and imbalances can show, is on your chin area! 

So keep drinking plenty of water to flush out any toxins and regulate your body’s zen! 




The bladder is linked to the forehead so getting spots in this area can indicate that you are dehydrated or are possibly eating too much processed foods in your diet. 

The forehead is also linked to the nervous system so if you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious, you may start seeing spots developing in this area. 




Spots on the cheek area believe it or not is mainly because of using your mobile phone regularly. All the dead skin, oils and grime build up can lay on the skin and cause breakouts. If you’re a smoker then you may notice more spots on this area too. Try to avoid touching your face often and keep your smoking to a minimum and keep your mobile phone clean. The respiratory system is connected to the cheeks, hence why you should look to cut down on your smoking intake. 



The neck is similar to the chin and jawline it can be because of stress, starchy food, a diet too high in sugar etc. Spots on the neck are highly connected to your time of month. So getting spots just before you’re due on is very common! 

Sometimes no matter how much you cleanse tone and moisturise, it won’t help what’s going on inside your body. So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, you’re exercising regularly and you’re eating a balanced diet! 

Look after yourself from the inside out! ♥️