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Which Mascara Should I Use? Is Waterproof For Me?

Should I wear a waterproof mascara?


Waterproof mascara sure does have its benefits! Your mascara won’t run all the way down your face when you’re watching the notebook or if you get caught in a huge downpour! We do live in Scotland after all! 🙈

However waterproof mascara can be an absolute nightmare to remove! Because of course, it’s waterproof! So you need to remove it effectively with an oil based makeup remover! As the oil is what breaks down the ingredients in the mascara! 😁

If you’re a vegan then generally waterproof mascara isn’t for you as to get the mascara to be waterproof its likely to contain animal deprived ingredients! There are companies who are starting to develop and sell waterproof mascara that’s vegan friendly, however it comes with a hefty price tag! 👀


If you struggle to buy a mascara for yourself ask yourself what you’d like out of your mascara, do you want length, volume, thickness? Generally speaking the actual mascara liquid is a one fits all kind of scenario... it’s the brush that does all the work! 🤯🙌🏻

Fat brushes with tons of bristles create a more voluminous look

Lengthening mascaras will have longer, less dense brushes. They'll be slightly more skinny looking and will coat each lash perfectly without clumping or adding much product. Perfect for a natural look.

Fiber 3D lashes are all the rage and incredibly popular right now. They generally include 2 brushes, one to coat the primer for the fibers to stick to and one to apply the tiny fibers. This creates a very dramatic look. Perfect for nights out!

A curved brush will help to curl and extend lashes. Some people prefer to use a lash curler before mascara application. It just depends on how drastic you want your lashes to look curled.

All of my clients find that once they get a lash lift done it becomes VERY easy to apply mascara as the curling is already done for you! If you’d love a lash lift to make applying mascara easier, you can get £10 off your next appointment! Just message and mention this blog AT THE TIME OF BOOKING to qualify! ♥️👌🏻