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The Lowdown on Highlighter!


Let’s talk highlighter!

How do you feel about highlighter? I mean the makeup variety not the fluorescent pen kind!

Some highlighters make you look like a shiny disco ball, others make you look sweaty whilst others give you a beautiful glow and leave you looking healthy!

Yep the latter is what we’re aiming for right?


I love highlighter! Just for the dewy look it gives me! It leaves me feeling healthy and youthful! I know I’m only 28... but I still get tired too! God knows what I’ll be like when babies happen 🙄😱

Recently revolution makeup had a big sale on for makeup... its actually still going if you want to check it out! Just comment and I’ll upload the link!


In my makeup but I got myself a foundation mixer. Now I’m not even going to lie, yes I’m a beauty therapist but I don’t have all the latest products! Not ashamed to admit it either! So even I had to research what it did!!

So the foundation mixer I went for was called ‘Obsession’ in champagne glow! The idea is you can mix it with your foundation and it gives your skin a beautiful light glow without leaving you looking like a disco ball!

Alternatively you can pop on a small amount of the mixer after your moisturiser but before your foundation or even if you don’t want foundation on, it will just leave you with a beautiful pearly sheen over the face! Lifting dull skin!

It’s fabulous stuff! There’s lots of different shades you can get AND you can get a whitening mixer! This is fab if you’ve got a foundation that’s slightly too dark! No need to throw away!!

Do you like highlighter? Let me know your fave!

*all images from Unsplash*