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The 90 day plan

What is this blog all about? 

So this isn’t a salon related blog at all. It’s more of a personal/life blog! Last week I kissed (and cried) my boyfriend Paul away to work, miserable because I knew that this time our goodbyes were going to be a lot more spaced out. He’s going to be crazy busy at work for the foreseeable future so we won’t get much time together. I’m also getting into the really busy season with the salon and the training academy is hectic! With courses being booked in on my days off from the salon too. So time isn’t going to be on our side for the next however months, but we will manage.

A few days before Paul left for work he asked me if I wanted to sign up to The Body Coach 90 day plan. Given this is the perfect opportunity to really go for it with him being away so much. I was very undecided at first, reading all the reviews, looking more into the plans etc.

What is The Body Coach 90 day plan?  

So the 90 day plan is all about HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) and meal plans. Meals selected for rest days and training days. The key to success is to PREP LIKE A BOSS, as Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) calls it.

I’ve recently signed up to the gym back in January, I love class exercises, but with work sometimes time restraints isn’t great for me. So at least with the gym I’ve got a huge window of time that I can go! So up to now I’ve been going to the gym 3/4 times a week and doing my own thing. No rigid plan. But working hard non the less.

I love cooking! Rewind 8 years ago I was a terrible cook! I could burn water. I was really that bad. Paul could tell you some crackers about the cooking fails I’ve had! But over the last 2 years I’ve really got into cooking, so much so that I now cook every night. Paul and I used to take turns each night, but I love it so much and I love trying new things that I just completely take over and cook for us each night. Don’t think Paul complains, more Xbox time? Of course he’s up for that! 😂🙌🏻

I started cooking more because of Joe’s recipes flashing up on my Facebook feed and it all started from there. Then I got into following the Facebook page called Tasty. They have amazing recipes too.

So I’ve decided to go for it and signed up!

So anyway back to The Body Coach Plan. I signed up last week and I’m waiting on my first cycle coming through! I’m beyond excited! I can’t wait to try out new workouts and new food! I’m looking forward to getting into the kitchen on Wednesdays and Sundays and prepping my meals!

I am however nervous because as most of you know, ive got a serious sweet tooth! Chocolate is my life! So this is why I’ve written this blog post and I aim to write a quick one each week regarding my 90 day plan to update you on how I’m doing! I’m an honest and open person so if I’ve fallen off plan I want to tell you. I’ve decided to write blogs about it so it does keep me on track as I know people will be watching and I’ve got people accountable for me.

Why I’ve written a blog about it

I think if I just kept it all quiet I could easily just say “well nobody knows I’m doing this so one bar of chocolate won’t hurt” that isn’t what I want! I want to really do this and give it my all and change my lifestyle forever!

I’m not overweight or severely unhealthy by any means, however I want to be fitter. I want more energy, I want to eat better to look and feel good. I’m not particularly hung up on losing weight as such, I just want to see changes in my physical appearance and my mentality surrounding food and fitness!

I invest a lot of money into myself personally for my business to make me a more skilled professional by doing various types of courses etc. That it occurred to me it’s time I invested in myself as a person too. For who I am everyday as my business doesn’t define me. It’s a huge part of my life. But I can’t be a good business women if I’m not 100% fit and healthy to achieve everything I want to achieve! So here we go! 

I’m excited to get started! Wish me luck x


Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)