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Why your eyebrows suck! It's not you. It's them.

 The daily struggle is real! 

You wake up EVERY DAY and battle with powders or pencils just desperately trying to make your eyebrows look like they're from the same chain of animal, never mind 'twins' as they are often referred to. (Which means you have good brows btw!)

Why oh why can you never get both brows looking the same? One always looks incredible and other looks like a small toddler has drawn all over your forehead with a sharpie pen! ✍🏻👀 

You've no doubt looked into microblading too. Sounds amazing but eating beans on toast for the next 2 years to pay for it, doesn't sound appealing after all, does it?! 🤔 Maybe one day when we win the lottery hey? 


No, no it's not! I actually have an alternative that will GAURANTEE that you can ditch those powders and pencil meetings every day! Wanna hear? Of course you do! ✌🏻❤️

Have you heard of Henna Brows? You maybe haven't... as yours truly (me obvs) is the ONLY salon in the Borders who has this new product! Well in fact I'm one of the very first salons in the U.K. To get my hands on this!!! It's a product which is HUGE in the USA and Australia! Loved by many celebs too! Amazing right? 




Me & my henna brows  

How can Henna brows help you  

Henna brows comes in various shades which means your shade can be totally customised to you! It doesn't hurt or sting at all! And you get a full brow w

ax and tidy up too. The Henna will last between 4 to 6 weeks on brow hairs!!! No more daily meetings with brjow powders and pencils! Yayyyy! 👏 

For those of you who literally have no brows, Henna can help you too! Henna includes stimulating properties that guarantees to help brow hairs regrow by up to 60% in one application!!! That's how amazing it is!  

"I absolutely loved my henna brows! They lasted 6 weeks and I literally didn't need to put on any powder in between appoitments! It only took 30 minutes too! Nicola totally customised my shade to ensure it wouldn't be too harsh or fake looking! She's clearly gone into teaching because she's unreal at her job. My eyebrows have a grown back LOADS! I've only had it done twice!!" Kelly Weight, Facebook  



Henna brows don't ever mean unnatural or dark brows!  

Tell me more, tell me more  

So it's just a 30 minute treatment, includes full brow styling service and the results will last anywhere between 3-6 weeks depending on your brows! It's only £30 too! It's made up of completely natural products so not full of any harsh or astringent ingredients! If you'd love to try this treatment then book in by the 1st of June and use this voucher code when booking (ATFIRSTSIGHT1) to get £5 off! There's only 5 voucher codes up for grabs too! So be QUICK!!!

If you're sick of drawing on your brows and then losing them by 11am because you're a normal human who touches their face, sweats and erm..... generally BREATHS.... then get yourself henna brow'd!  

Text 07563421353 or mesage the Facebook page! To get booked up asap! Start making your brows amazing today!