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How to get rid of fake tan build up

How to get rid of tan build up? It’s an exasperating thing isn’t it! 

Do you have that dark colour build up on your skin from over tanning without exfoliating?

It’s unsightly, makes your skin look dull and doesn’t show you off for being the goddess you are!!

I’m pretty good at the exfoliating but over Christmas and new year I had a few spray tans done by Susan at the salon and very little time to exfoliate! I needed to get the build up of colour off so I made a little concoction with household cupboard items and the results were AMAZING!!


I heated up 6 tablespoons of olive oil in the microwave, added 10 tablespoons of brown sugar and a touch of lemon juice! These items are generally always in your cupboards at home!

I then showered and stepped out of the shower to rub the mixture liberally on to my body in quick circular motions, this increases the blood flow to the surface of the skin bringing fresh nutrients to the area also. Then you just step back into the shower and rinse away the mixture. This will definitely lift up most of the excess tan on the skin! Just ensure you scrub hard enough in those difficult areas but not too hard that you damage the skin!


Once out of the shower and dried just moisturise from top to toe! You should feel incredibly smooth and fresh!!

Enjoy! Let me know how you get on! ❤️