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Lash Lift or Lash Extensions?

In the salon i get asked multiple times, more than i can remember to be honest, on which is better. The lash lift or lash extensions. 

All i can do is be completely honest with you about it. You're not a good business owner in my opinion if you're not honest with your customers. So ill tell you the pros and cons of each and tell you which i personally prefer for myself, then hopefully that will all help you with your decision too. 

Okay so lets get to the nitty gritty bits then shall we? 

Lash lift pros and cons.....


1. A lash lift only takes around 45 mins to 1 hour 

2. You get a lash tint included in the treatment and i personally do a scalp massage during the whole treatment too

Lash lift 

Lash lift 

3. The results last for 6-8 weeks 

4. Theres absolutely no maintenance required at all. So once you get them done thats it for 8 weeks

5. You can gym, swim, cry, wear mascara, rub your eyes after 24 hours of getting them done.


1. Cant get them wet for 24 hours after getting them done

2. Lashes can go dry towards the end of the lash lift cycle. But using a lash serum or oil will help rectify this

3. Its highly addictive and you'll keep booking back in! 

4. Results are amazing but if you want very dramatic lashes with length and volume on turbo boost, then a lash lift isn't for you. Extensions are your friend


1. Volume and length can be achieved with lash extensions 

2. All kinds of looks can be achieved with lash extensions 

Lash extensions 

Lash extensions 

3. No need to use mascara whilst you have lash extensions


1. Can take between an hour and a half and 2 hours to do

2. Eyes can be highly sensitive to lashes 

3. Very high maintenance. You need regular infills and you need to care for them properly to keep them in hood condition 

4. Lash length and thickness applied to your own lashes depends primarilly on your own natural lashes. We need to protect your lash health so we will not ever put on a lash thats too thick or long just because its the look you want.  

5. Extra care must be taken when swimming, sweating etc as this can break down the glue on the lashes. 

6. Glue is used on the lashes 

Which do i prefer?

I personally can't wear lash extensions unfortunately. i absolutely love the look it gives me, but i am highly sensitive to lashes and they irritate my eyes. Im actually also extremelly low maintenance too. So the less stuff i need to do with myself, the better. So lash lift wins hands down for me every time. I love the effect it gives me. Especially for holidays!