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How to practice self care part 1


It’s hard sometimes to practice self care routines! But that’s just it, you have to get into a routine of doing it.

Whether you put aside an hour once a week, or twice a week.. whatever. It’s important to just take time out to look after you. This week we are going to cover an important experiment first, then next week we will discuss HOW to practice self care. 

Heres an experiment for you! 

You’ll fail this experiment though. I’ll tell you right now. Not to be mean and to put you down. But because it’s jusr true. Here we go.

I have one question for you. Just one. Think about the answer. 

Who are all the most important and special people in your life?

Yep that’s it. That’s the question. Think about it and think about all the most important and special people who you have in your life. Go away and think about it, then come back. I’ll grab a cuppa whilst I wait.

You’re back! How did you get on?

Okay so let’s go through the list. You’ve got the list of all the most important people right? All those special people who you love with all your heart.

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Spouse/partner
  • Children
  • Best friends
  • Grandparents
  • Brothers/Sisters

That list is in no chronological order of course. It’s not my list either. It’s just the most popular answers.

Take a look back over your list and the one above too. There’s someone missing. Now you’re panicking thinking “oh my god! Who have I forgotten! How could I forget who’s so important and special to me”


Its certainly not vain or selfish to put yourself in that list of special people! It doesn’t mean you’re more important than other people! It just means you’re a good person who’s tuned into themselves and realises that to be able to love and care for everyone else, you’ve GOT TO take care and look after yourself too!


Did you know that YOU are likely to be included in other people’s list! So why are you not including yourself into YOUR list? You’re important to other people, so why do you not consider yourself as important?  


Tune in next week to see my top tips on how to practice self care for yourself so you can keep taking care of all those people on your list! Just next time, make sure you pop yourself on that list too! Preferably at the top!! ♥️

Big loves  

Nic xxx