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My Review of the St Tropez Tan Enhancing Polish

The BEST tanning exfoliator out there! 

So you may have seen recently that Ive invested in the St Tropez tanning range. This range is by far a luxury brand due to the whole scientific knowledge behind the products. Ive been trialing them myself at home for a while and I've fell in love! They are to die for! 

No awful fake tan smells, no streaks, no patches! Oh and they all come smelling of holidays! If you can imagine what a holiday smells like, its basically been bottled for our pleasure! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! 

Why is this body polish so good then?

The St Tropez body polish is an exfoliator that has been SPECIFICALLY formulated to work with fake tan and not against it. Generally exfoliators will strip your tan and leave it looking patchy and uneven. This isn't the case at all with this one! Its been designed to help fade your tan gradually with each use leaving you with no tell tale patches or streaks. BUT the amazing thing is, is that this body polish actually helps prolong your tan too. Meaning you get even longer out of your spray tans and self tans. You can even use it to prolong a real tan too. 

This product is GENIUS! 

It doesn't feel scratchy, it feels luxurious and incredibly moisturising. Exfoliators can strip some of the natural oils from the skin especially if they are too abrasive. This one just does its job as well as helping your tan last longer and keeping your skin soft, supple and moisturised. A tiny wee bit goes a long way too so you don't need much! You just use it 3 times a week whilst in the shower! 

I love this product you really have to try it!!