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The Benefits of Waxing Compared to Shaving

Why should i choose waxing?

Waxing is the most popular treatment within any beauty salon up and down the country. Its such a popular service because its so quick, lasts 4-6 weeks and clients just love how easy and low maintenance it is. Plain and simple. With waxing you won't get any grazes, cuts or rashes that you would get from a razor. It will last the whole duration of your holiday too, so win win that you don't need to take razors and shaving cream with you. 

Waxing works for everyone

Waxing is suitable for everyone of all skin types. Its over within a short space of time, which then leaves you nerves free for up to 6 weeks. Shaving is a convenient method of hair removal but you have to be consistent to keep the unwanted hair at bay, so this means pretty much having to shave EVERYDAY!  Aint nobody got time for that. 


Is it true that waxing helps the hair to grow back finer?

That is absolutely true. 100%. Even after the first couple of waxes you will start to see the hair becoming more sparse and finer in that area. It is a complete myth that shaving makes your hair grow back much thicker, its just because the way it grows back in appears to be thick. Its literally just because shaven hair has been cut at an angle so appears more coarse and tough during regrowth. Whereas waxing the hair gets pulled out right from the root underneath the skins top layer, so it promotes the hair to grow back much finer and sparse. 

Is there different kinds of wax out there?

In my salon i use traditional cream wax which is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skins. Cream waxes are usually always full of moistroising and anti inflammatory properties in order to prevent any redness and erythema (swelling) in the area.  For the more intimate waxes i always switch over to a hot wax, this type of wax is used without a strip for removal. It hardens up on the hair itself rather than the skin so reduces any pulling and tugging of the skin which can be uncomfortable for you. 

If you've never had a wax before and you'd like to try it just book in online here

main picture credit to: Karolina Misev @ www.epilatorhome.com