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The lazy girls guide to being beach body ready

Flying away somewhere hot this year? 🔥👍🏻

Are you beach body ready? 😐🤔

Do you know what? I actually really hate that saying! You get undressed and step on to a beach... that to me is beach body ready! No matter what your shape or size is!

But at the end of the day we’re all human! Of course we all get those days where we pinch our bums and flatten our tummy’s. Always wishing we could change something about ourselves! 😭🙄

One of the most asked questions I often hear in the salon is “How can I get rid of my cellulite.” Generally we can cover up these bumpy areas, but whilst on holiday we show more skin so some people can start feeling nervous and anxious about bearing all. So below are my top tips to battle that bumpy unsightly skin that you can start doing ideally 6-8 weeks before going on holiday! 🙌🏻👍🏻


Use a dry body brush everyday 

Follow the blood flow with the direction towards the heart and do very nice long strokes up the legs, arms and tummy. Dry brushing helps to increase the blood flow to those areas and brings fresh nutrients and goodness to the skin and tissues. This will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Go for moisturisers that offer firming and toning properties

These products generally have a bad reputation to be honest, but it’s a load of shit! There I’ve said it! It does work. It can work. But if you just slap it on and let it sink in.... nope that ain’t gonna work. But if you massage into the skin in brisk circular motions and you then pinch the skin vigorously, this will help the blood to come to the surface of the skin and enables the product to sink into the deeper layers of the skin. Massaging and kneading the product into the skin is what fire starts the active ingredients in the products! 

Regularly exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin twice a week for optimum results! Shedding away all that dead skin will again help promote blood flow to the surface of the skin. It helps remove all toxins from the body by promoting blood flow and getting the lymphatic system boosted!

Leg masks are your friend

Yep leg masks are a thing! Just like the masks you can get for your face, you can get them for your legs! Leg masks help to keep the skin supple, well nourished and hydrated! Hydrated skin looks beautiful and glowing! Dehydrated skin looks bumpy, uneven, dull and tired!


Get a monthly detox massage booked 

Ask for a detox massage for your next treat! It’s still absolute bliss, it’s just a special blend of uplifting and invigorating oils used to stimulate the blood flow and lymphatic system to rid the body of all excess toxin build up! Cellulite is fatty pockets under the skin, which are full of toxins. A detox massage will help alleviate this too!

Repeat, repeat and repeat! ♥️👌🏻

Just keep following these steps on a regular basis before your holiday and you will be bikini ready!


Nic x