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The Body Coach Update

IVE FINISHED IT!!!! I DID IT!!! Woooohooooo go me!!! 🙌🏻

Although I dunno why I’m getting so excited because I’m carrying it on. Not because I’ve still got weight to lose or anything, but because I’ve litetallu enjoyed every single second of doing this plan! 

It has completely changed my mindset, my mental health, overall health.. everything. I don’t think I could ever describe how confident and comfortable in my own skin I feel.  

Body confidence has always been a huge thing to me. I’ve never felt tall enough, toned enough, attractive enough. Always picking myself apart on holiday, family days out to the swimming pool, nights out. It’s been difficult trying to accept myself for all that I am.  

As most of you know I’m getting married in the not too far away future and I’ve literally lay awake at night, petrified that I’d have my wedding day and then not be able to look at the pictures for the fear of me picking myself apart.  

Paul had a big job coming up too so he said it was the best chance to get into it and do it without any distractions. So that’s why I signed up for the body coach. 

The meals have been fantastic, the workouts have been AMAZING! Loved every single one. I was actually really nervous for working out 4 times a week as work can get crazy sometimes. But I’ve done it and not missed one single workout, nor have I regretted doing a workout either.  

My energy levels have sky rocketed! I’ve got such bags of energy and a zest for life it’s incredible! I’ve always been very upbeat and positive anyway... but only until about 8pm then I need my bed!  

But ive been managing to stay up to catch love island every night! 😂☺️ And I’ve now started getting back out on my mountain bike inbetween workouts at the gym too!  

I have to be honest though and say I stuck to the food about 98%! Which still is amazing. But I’ve still had the odd slice of cake, ice cream, fish and chips and Beltane, a few voddys at Beltane too. So it’s not like it’s been regimented and strict completely.  

Ive lost 10 inches altogether and 11lb in total!! 🙌🏻😍 My holidays are in September and October so by September I’d like to tone up more and lose the other 3lb to get me to a stone and I’ll be delighted!! Although to be honest I already am!!! 

Anyway I just thought I’d update you all as you’ve all been so supportive and asking me how it’s been going... so here’s the low down! 

Heres a before and after of me in my uniform.... the underwear one is locked away I won’t burn your retinas 😂🙏🏻