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Frequently Asked Questions 

Heres some of our most popular asked questions! 

Heres some of our most popular asked questions! 


All that you need to know! 

Here at At First Sight Beauty were a busy wee salon and we get asked lots of questions frequently! so this page is a place where all of our most asked questions get answered! We will be adding to this section more and more as time goes on too! 


What are the opening hours? 

Monday 9-5

Tuesday 9-10pm

Wednesday CLOSED 

Thursday 10-4

Friday 9-5

Saturday 9-4

Will i need a patch test for any of the treatments you offere?

You will need to be patch tested at least 48 hours before getting lash extensions, lash lift, henna brows and lash or brow tints. This is for your protection, so please do come along to your patch test appointment! Failure to show will mean your appointment will be cancelled. 

What do i need to do before getting a spray tan done?

Before coming to us for a spray tan you must remove all unwanted hair, you must also thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin before your spray tan also. Wear loose dark clothing to your appointment and wear slack open toed shoes or sandals also. Please do not wear any makeup, perfumed products or deodorant to your appointment. Wearing perfume or deodorant will make your tan turn green!

Where can i park?

Unless you're amazingly lucky its highly unlikely you'll get parked outside on the high street, so please allow time to get round to the nearest carpark, which is Eastgate car park. Parking is free Monday to Friday. 

How do i pay for my treatments?

Unfortunately at the moment i don't accept card payments at the salon, however i do accept cash payments. There are two ATM machines directly opposite the salon or most of my clients now pay via bank transfer through online booking apps. 

What if i want an appointment asap but the salon is closed?

Please note that outside of salon hours i will not respond to any messages, emails or phone calls. But if you decide you'd like to get an appointment and you'd rather not wait, then i do have online booking system in place where you can book in your own appointment. You can do this by clicking here 

when can i book in a course with you?

If you would like to get in touch to do a beauty course with me, please just get in touch and let me know what days and dates you're available. If i have availability on that day i will certainly get you formerly enrolled and ask you to pay your deposit to secure your date. Please note i do run a very successful beauty salon with a 6 weeks waiting list and my academy is incredibly busy too. 

Do courses come with a kit?

Unfortunately with immediate effect from September 2017, all courses no longer come with kits. Course prices have been altered to allow for this change. I can purchase kits on your behalf but you need to pay for kits upfront in full.