How to specialise in a beauty treatment?


Ok so i get asked this question all the time and i see it come up in various professional groups on social media. You've done your training, got your qualification and quite admirably so, you want to be known as a specialist in your industry within your local community. 

Firstly well done for realising that for major success you are always best to specialise in an area. Yes thats right, specialise in one area.. maybe two but i wouldnt specialise in more than that. You can be good at lots of things, but you can't be a specialist in every area and thats ok. 

So you want to know HOW to specialise in an area. It's simple. Really simple in fact and if you follow these steps in this interactive exercise below, it will guarantee to get your mind and plan of action a hell of a lot more clearer. 


I need you to take atleast 30 minutes to complete this visualisation exercise. Pop on some nice relaxing music and grab yourself a cuppa. Close your eyes and really concentrate on your breathing. Breath in and out slowly, free your mind of any thoughts, stresses or worries. For now the only thing you need to be concentrating on is your breathing. 

Now start visualising what your perfect day in your salon would be like. If you could visualise a full day that makes your heart sing and brings you nothing but joy, what would your day look like. What treatments would you be doing?

What feelings does your perfect day bring you? Really think about it. Take a good few minutes to concentrate on what you would be doing and how it makes you feel that this is your perfect day. 


You can create your perfect day in real life, you do know that dont you? I believe in the law of attaraction and that what you see in your mind can be yours in reality. 

So if doing beautiful nails all day is what really gets you going and excites you, then this is definetly what you should specialise in. 

Life is all about being happy, life's too short otherwise. Also doing things that makes you genuinely happy means that you put in so much more effort to always do your best. 


Have you ever been good at something you absolutely hated doing? I hated PE when i was at school that i purposely forgot my kit every week so i could sit it out, then they cottoned on and started making me use dirty old kit out of the lost property basket..... urghhhhhhh! So when i did have to participate I hated it so much i just didnt put any effort in. When you dont enjoy something, you just cant give it your all and do you know what? Thats ok. Theres always going to be things you dont care for much but then theres going to be things that fire you up and gets your passion raging inside you. When you find it, no matter what it is, grab it with both hands and fucking go for it!!!! Grab it, take it, nurture it, feed that passion and grow it. Invest in it. 

Maybe you need to invest in more courses that can expand your skills further, if so then the more you invest in yourself, the more right you have to having the pride to specialise in it. 

I myself absolutely loved doing lash lift treatments. The more i did them, the more I enjoyed doing them. So i started learning more and more about lash lifts and i would watch lots of youtube videos. Theres a lot of rubbish and very uneducated people on YouTube chucking out videos, but theres also lots of reputable therapists and companies who make youtube videos for educational purposes. These are literally gold dust as they are available to you right now and are completely free. 


Once you've decided what you want to specialise in, get a few clients in to model for the treatment. Take amazing before and after images in good high quality lighting. The better the lighting, the better your images will portray that you are a pro! 

This is exactly how I did it. Except i did one amazing lash lift on myself, took amazing pics and it went cray cray on my social media! 

Amazing feeling. If i can do it, you can do it too. 

Theres a difference between specialising in an area and becoming an expert though. To specialise in an area you literally need to follow the steps above, but to actually be an expert you have to dedicate atleast 10000 hours physically doing the thing you want to be an expert in. This is a general rule. You want to be actively investing in this area that you want to be an expert in too. 

You need to know you can do anything your mind dreams. Always believe that and keep creating excellence! 

Let me know what you would love to specialise or become an expert in. Id love to know!! 

 What would you love to specialise or be an expert in?   

What would you love to specialise or be an expert in?