Why change in business is good

In business change is really good. You should be reassessing your business at least a few times a year. Check out all your products, check out all your treatments and throw out all of the products and treatments that don't bring you the best revenue that you deserve. It is completely okay to do this and it is actually very wise business sense to make this move. So make sure you are on the ball and doing this. It could save you money.

Have a look at what you enjoy doing, but more importantly have a look at what you don't enjoy doing in your salon. If there is a certain thing that gets you cringing every time someone books in because you don't enjoy doing it, then you are likely to not give your full effort to the treatment so you are best to just get rid. Make life easier for yourself not harder. That's why you became a business owner right? So you could make all the shots.

Don't forget to keep testing the market. Have a look at alternative ranges and products and see if they are better and how the price compares to what you already have in stock!

Don't fear change. Change is good. It shows your clients that you are constantly changing, learning and daring to try new things. It excites them! Bored clients switch off and go elsewhere.

Last year I went through my entire treatment list because it worked perfectly with needing to get new lists made. So I went through and upped my prices! Not by 50p here and there, I mean I upped my prices! Massages I increased them by £15. Pedicures I increased those by £5. Then there was things I struck off the list. Things I didn't enjoy doing, things I don't do any of. So rather than buying in stock for a treatment I don't do often, I might as well save money and just get rid!

Do these things regularly. It will help you feel in control of your business which is essential for growth!