Salon In The Spotlight: Jodie Turnbull of 134Beauty in Hawick

The lovely Jodie who owns 134Beauty in Hawick, came to do her lash lifting training course with me at the academy back in July! I've decided to ask Jodie to chat a little bit with us about her business and how profitable offering lash lifting has been for Jodie and her business growth. 

 Jodie Turnbull, Salon Owner  

Jodie Turnbull, Salon Owner  

How long have you been in business for Jodie?

It will be a year in November in my current salon but alltogether almost 3! 


What made you decide to do your lash lifting training?

I love the fact that its an enhancement of what you all ready have and the difference it makes is incredible! 


What do your clients think of a lash lift?

They love them! I love seeing the look on their face when i hand them the mirror


 A clients lash lift done by Jodie at 134Beauty, Hawick  

A clients lash lift done by Jodie at 134Beauty, Hawick  


Do you think it's a good service to offer to your clients and been a good addition to your business?

Definitely, its such an easy treatment aswell which makes me feel really confident in giving it as a service. I always have people coming in to get it done too, especially if their friends/ family have had it recently


Are you finding that clients are rebooking their lash lift treatment?

Yes! Everyone always rebooks before leaving, the results are just so amazing


Did you find it easy to make your investment back? And how many people on average do you see each week for this service?

I see at least 3/4 a week, more during busier weeks! In the first week alone though, i had made back more than what the course cost me, brilliant treatment profit wise (and allround really) 

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Show me the money!  

Jodie paid just £225 for her lash lift training which included a kit! The kit was sufficient enough to do 35 treatments!. It is a half day course too so doesn't take up too much time! All students find the training really relaxing, easy to do and they leave feeling knowledgable and confident in their abilities! 

Jodie did her training around 12 weeks ago, she charges £30 per treatment. If Jodie has done at least just 4 lash lift treatments per week since her course, she will have made £1440!! In just 3 months from ONE service!! Her investment was £225. So Jodie's overall profit on average is £1215! INCREDIBLE!! 

If you are considering being taught in lash lifting, then don't think about it anymore! Do it! The proof is there that this service is VERY profitable!  

Heres what Jodie thought of her training with me! 



Jodie's review of her training.  

If you would like to learn a new skill and make your business more profitable and successful like Jodie has, then just follow the link below and send me a PM!

I'd be delighted to chat with you about your options. Be like Jodie and invest in yourself and your business. It's the only way you will grow and develop! 

Well done Jodie! Again it was a pleasure to teach you! 💕