How to manage your social media better

It's seriously hard trying to keep your social media presence up to date and looking really classy and well maintained. But it's difficult when you're a business owner, because you've got a million other things to be doing too!!  😨

Dont know about you, but in my beauty salon business. I'm the therapist, the receptionist, the runner to the bank for change, the tea lady, the toilet scrubber... eurgh! They didn't teach you that one at college did they?! Oh and I'm the person who does the stock take and ordering. There's already tons to do everyday before even thinking about posting into Facebook, writing email newsletters etc etc. I could go on. 

Its crucial you keep your social media up to date  

One thing I hate, is when I look for a business on Facebook and click on to see that their last post upload was 23 years ago. (Technically that's before Facebook was even created, not even sure Mark Z was alive then?! But you get my flow)  

It's seriously off putting to potential customers to see that you have no recent posts on your social media. It almost feels like the business is no longer in operation. So you could (most probably are) losing sales and customers. 

Choose two platforms on social media to focus on  

You don't need to overload yourself by thinking that you need to post on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Wow it's just too much. If you're posting on all of those you might as well post on Bebo and MySpace too... cringe! Do you remember them! 🙈😳 

Choose two, maybe three platforms that you like and don't find stressful using and then post into those! You could even get a post schedule app that posts into multiple places for you if you really wanted.  

How to make life easier  

  1. Catagorise the catagories that you want to share. Decide if you want to share industry relevant tips, quotes, testimonials, images, general posts.  
  2. Create a more flowing social media presence. Make your life easier by selecting certain days to share certain information/types of posts.  So this keeps people returning to your social media! 
  3. Create your posts well in advance. If you've got an hour free every week in order to sit with a coffee and your laptop to schedule some posts for the next few weeks. Then do it. Make your life easier.  
  4. Dont just share something once and forget about it. Keep it consistent and keep it regularly out there. It's amazing how many people don't see your posts when you originally share them.  
  5. You get bored of your posts before other people do. Just because you've seen a picture of the most amazing set of lashes that you did a million times. Doesn't mean you should stop sharing it. Get your posts out there constantly and consistently. People are more likely to book when they've seen a post for a good few times! Keep it in the forefront of their mind. Always.  
  6. Mix up your social media. People don't go on social media to be sold to. People are more likely to connect with you if you don't always do 'business' so put some funny posts and quotes in there too!  
  7. Pop in some personal posts. Show your face. Say what you're up to at the weekend. People like to know a little snippet about your life.  

Keep these few tips flowing and it will make your life so much easier! if you liked this blog, please leave a comment or share! 

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