How to write a good CV?


Ok so Congratulations, you've done the hard bit for the last 2 years. You've now finally qualified in Beauty Therapy. Well. The hard bit isn't exactly over yet. You need to find yourself a job of course to put those sparkly new qualificatioins to use, so what do you need to do first?

Yep.. you need to apply for jobs. But what do you need to do before you apply for jobs? got it yet? You need to write one hell of a good CV of course! Now what makes a good CV stand out against the rest? Well as a salon owner & beauty therapy tutor i will tell you what i would be looking out for. Now make sure you grab yourself a pen and paper as these points are super duper important. 


  • Your CV needs to be to the point, informative & consistent
  • You have to really grab the employers attention as they will no doubt be sitting with tons of other peoples CVs in front of them. Make yours better!
  • This is your 5 minutes of fame so blow your own trumpet. You're allowed! Why should you get an interview? If you've done voluntary work in a salon for a year whilst studying, TELL THEM! that will make you stand out because you would be seen as keen, passionate, willing to learn
  • Make sure your CV is clear concise and well structured. Don't run around from point to point then back again. Keeping things well structured makes the employer think you are capable, well organised and manage IT well
  • Have your name highlighted in bold so the employer remembers your name
  • Pop in a picture of yourself. Just clip it to the top. A professional picture is best though please. No pictures of you drunk at your friends birthday party with straws as microphones and lashes stuck to your glass of vodka and coke!
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get yourself a brand spanking new email address, preferably just one that you didn't use when you were 14 when you set up a dodgy email address to try and get into Facebook!
  • No email addresses like: or This just makes you look young, unprofessional and if an email address like that popped into my inbox i think id archive it straight to the moon. 
  • Something simple like is just perfect enough
  • Make sure your CV is on white paper of a high quality to look even more professional, it should also be in a ring binder folder inside a plastic cover too
  • Your CV should be written in Ariel font as its easy to understand and read and your font size should be no longer than 12 or 14 at the maximum
  • Your CV should also have a spacing between each line of at least 1.25

Once you've got your CV all sorted out and looking perfect. You can then start applying for some jobs! Find out where to look for jobs in the next blog post coming soon! 

Until next time... keep creating excellence!

Nicola Couperthwaite

Salon Owner & Academy Educator 

 How to write a good CV

How to write a good CV