Which beauty awards you can enter

Heyyyyy! ✌🏻

So let's talk about awards today! How can you get yourself nominated for beauty awards? It's pretty easy, but a few are very different in regards to the whole mountainous process etc! But I'll discuss all that shiz with you later!

Why you should enter awards

If you've never entered an awards process before, you should! There's nothing wrong with being recognised for your hard work! Especially if you're doing it for all the right reasons! I enter awards because I feel like I deserve some recognition for my hard work, I had a really difficult start to my beauty career as I lost my mum to cancer. So believe me when I say, I've had to fight and work damn fucking hard to get to where I am today. Nothing has been handed to me on a plate.


Be inspired and motivated 

Awards inspire and motivate people. It also massively improves your confidence when you and your business gets selected out of thousands of others to be a finalist. Entering awards is never a 'blow my own trumpet' kind of thing! Do you think that's how actors feel when they get nominated for golden globes when their work is being recognised! No!!

I've entered a few awards in the past because I know that I go above and beyond for my clients. I know that I've got 120 reviews on my Facebook page because I'm good at what I do. I invest in myself, I support other businesses, so therefore I have a right to put myself forward and you absolutely do too.

Some awarding organisations that you can enter 

As mentioned earlier each awarding organisation will work differently. But I'll pop a few examples down below with nomination dates so you can look out for them and enter if you feel ready!

The British Hair & Beauty Awards -

For this awarding organisation you can put yourself forward as a nomination. You fill in a survey with links to your social media accounts. The judges will go through your Facebook page etc and validate that you have good reviews. They will of course be searching for other things. But positive reviews is what determines if you become a finalist or not. You then get invited to fill out a survey online which asks various questions about your business. This information then gets judged and overall winners are announced in an online ceremony. This award goes live for nominations around March/April time. For every award you are a finalist for you pay a £65 fee which covers administration etc. Even as a finalist you will receive a certificate to display. I really like this awarding process as it's truly based on your reviews and business as a whole. http://www.thebritishbeautyawards.co.uk/

The Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards

For these awards you can get a link and ask all your clients to fill it in to nominate you or you can get physical paper copies and send them via the post. These awards are generally based more on the initial number of votes and nominations you get. They don't check your reviews, so it's more a popularity contest. However hundreds of thousands will apply for these awards, so if you do get finalised. You have still got a lot of raving fans! Which is incredible. These awards are announced during a formal ceremony with a 3 course meal etc. It's quite a pricy awards as you pay for a ticket for someone to go with you which is around £80. Then possibly a hotel etc. So this one can work out expensive. The process for these awards starts in July to October I think. With winners announced at the ceremony in November in Glasgow.  http://www.hairandbeautyawards.info/shaba/

The Professional Beauty Regional Awards

The awards process opens around April with the ceremony being held in October in Manchester. These awards require intricate details of your business. You will be judged and mystery shopped too. http://professionalbeauty.co.uk/site/RegionalPBawards/

The Professional Beauty Awards

The nomination process opens in a June for these awards. With the ceremony taking place in February during a formal evening in London. These awards are a lengthy process as you get judged very intricately. You will be visited by mystery shoppers, judges etc. I'm not finding much info on how much these awards are to enter. But you can look on the website to enter your interest into getting notified for when these awards open. To get accepted into these awards you must have entered and become finalists in the pro beauty regional awards first. http://professionalbeauty.co.uk/site/AwardsHome

The English Hair & Beauty Awards

The nomination process for these awards opens in December with the ceremony being held in March. This nomination process all depends on votes. The higher the votes you can get the better chance you have of being a finalist. http://www.hairandbeautyawards.info/ehaba/

Remember to scream from the rooftops about your business. Let yourself be heard and seen! Because running a business every single day is hard fucking going! You are a superhero for running your own business! ❤️