How to do the best bridal makeup applications

When you get asked to do someone's makeup for their big day, it's always an honour! It's a huge privilege and a pretty big deal too! Because when that person looks at their photo album 3 months, 3 years and 30 years after their wedding. They are going to remember you and how amazing and beautiful you made them feel on that special day!  

Nowadays pretty much everyone has social media too, so it's likely that brides will pop up a picture of themselves on their wedding day all ready and raring to go. So you need to make sure that she looks incredible all day! Whenever you do any wedding makeup applications, there's a few factors that you need to consider in order to make the makeup last and look flawless all day! 




 Recommend that your bride gets regular facial treatments leading up to the wedding

The bride will majorly benefit from getting regular skin treatments on the lead up to her special day. The clearer the brides skin is on the wedding day, the longer lasting that the makeup will be. It will also look more flawless and natural if blemishes and uneven skin tone is not needing to be corrected and covered. I highly recommend that she gets microdermabrasion treatments once a month or if she's got particular congested skin then steam and extractions would be just as beneficial.

Always cleanse the skin before makeup application

It's super important to make sure that before you apply makeup onto any of the bridal party, that you thoroughly cleanse the skin first. This just ensures that there's no barriers to the makeup going on to the skin. It lifts up any impurities, dirt and oil from the skin. This ensures a smoother/ long lasting application of makeup.



Don't use any SPF makeup  

With bridal makeup it's always best to avoid using any makeup that includes an SPF, this is simply because when the photographer takes their photos, if the bride has makeup on (particularly foundations) the flash of the camera will make the images of the brides face look very pale. This is just because of the active ingredients within the SPF protecting the skin. An SPF of 10 or lower is suitable to wear though. The higher the SPF the higher the active ingredient which will make the face appear paler in images.

Remember to always use a waterproof mascara  

If the bride isn't getting any lash extensions aplied, make sure when you apply mascara that it is a waterproof version. This will last longer, will be less likely to flake off and will not run and turn into panda eyes during any teary moments! 

 Use higher pigmented products rather than applying too much makeup  

Its a well known fact that bridal makeup has to be heavier in order to last all day and show up well in photographs. However, sometimes building up layers upon layers can make the brides look unnatural and not flawless.... certainly not what most brides want! So rather than applying 20 layers of blush so it looks good in the pictures, use higher pigmented products instead. I use Lily Lolo in the salon because it's affordable, mineral based so natural and it's really well pigmented. Charlotte Tilbury makeup is pigmented really wel too, so I hear! 

Give the bride their lipstick  

If you need to incorporate this into your overall price quotation, that's fine! But it's always a good idea to give the bride their own lipstick to keep with them all day. As their lipstick is the first thing that will need to be topped up, due to kissing people, drinking, talking and eating etc! So giving them a lipstick just ensures that their makeup will look absolutely perfect and flawless all day! Remember they will be getting snapped in pictures all day and they will not want to see any unflattering pics of themselves. This just shows that you are looking after them and caring for them! They will really appreciate it!  



I hope you enjoyed this blog today! Remember sharing is caring! ❤️